-Do you provide Spare parts ?

Yes ,we do. We mostly provide new spare parts as the procurement timing for used ones is quite unpredictable. In order to place a spare part order please send us the vehicle`s model name, serial number or better if you send the spare part`s number rightaway.

-Can we pay by Letter of Credit ?

At times we do accept L/C payment on case by case basis depending on the documentary credit terms , the Issuing Bank and the purchase amount . In the past we have entertained requests by the following documentary credit terms :

Partial T/T advance deposit payment at the agreed percentage and the balance by Irrevocable ,non-transferrable L/C At Sight. The Issuing Bank has to be approved by us. Furthermore, L/C handling fees are to the buyer`s account. Should you have such a request please feel free to contact us.

-How can I make sure that you deliver my goods ?

This is all buyer`s dilemma. Should you intend to use any escrow service please contact us beforehands so that we can coordinate with them as all additional charges will be to the buyer`s account.

-How can I make sure that the vehicles you purchased are actually there and that they are eligible for export in my country ? If you need any pre-shipment inspection, please contact us to arrange it for your through any of your required inspection agency in Japan. These inspection reports can be provided on the cleanliness of the vehicle or the mechanical condition. Please check carefully all the inspection certificates necessary for import to your market. Once the goods are inspected before shipment you will receive the Bill of Lading draft for detail confirmation. After shipment you will receive the original Bill of Lading along with the other required shipping documents.

-Do you guarantee the mechanical condition of the vehicles?

These are used items sold on As Is Where Is bases so there is no warranty. Nevertheless, we do all commercially viable utmost effort to ensure that no quality issues occur.

-Do you offer vehicles from outside Japan ?

We offer mostly trucks and consruction equipment sometimes. When the equipment was used abroad or exported once and re-imported to Japan we will mention this in the offer.

-Do you reimburse my money if I receive any scam mail with a fake invoice with your name from your email account with another bank`s data ?

No. Huge financial losses to some importers suffered due to E-mail hacking and fake invoices are a fact and increasing. Therefore ,we ask you to send money ONLY to our Bank Account shown on our homepage and verify with us once again before remittance through the phone. Should you receive any email,no matter under whose name, asking for T/T to another Bank account with ANY difference from our requisites please contact us immediately.

-Can I inspect the vehicles before bidding or purchase ?

It is possible for some of the offers .Please note however ,that most vehicles, especially those in auctions, are only listed 2-3 days prior to the auction sales date which allows insufficient time for travel arrangements to Japan from most countries especially with visa requirement. Please call us if you need to inspect beforehands because we need to check with the owner or the auction company.(Some auction companies do not allow on site inspection)For direct sales vehicles, the owners of which have agreed to wait long enough for the customer`s inspection, we can arrange on-site inspection for you.

-Can you help us with the entry visa to Japan ?

Yes ,we can. For prospective buyers who demonstrated a proven intent to buy ( deposit already received etc) we are happy to help. Please let us know in time your needs and we will find out how to help.