Business Terms

Please read our business terms carefully as using our services will be considered as agreement with our Business Terms. Definitions: "Vehicles" means cars buses trucks of all sizes , heavy machinery or attachments unless stated otherwise.

I.Terms of Payment

I/1. Auction Deposit. In order to use our auction buying services ,you need to send the stipulated deposit amounts by Bank transfer (T/T).

-Vehicle price up to USD 5000 : needed deposit USD 1000

-Vehicle price over USD 5000 :needed deposit 20% of your maximum bidded amount

In case of a successful purchase the deposit amount will be credited to the your purchase amount.

I/2. Payment Deadline The payment deadline is within 5 working days from the Proforma Invoice issue date. We retain the right to re-liquidate any vehicle with delayed payment.

I/3.Mode of PaymentWe accept bank transfer (T/T) to our bank account :

Beneficiary:SIMPLEX Co.,Ltd MIZUHO BANK LIMITED Yokohama Chuo Branch

Address: 1-3-1 Hagoromo-cho Naka-ku Yokohama

SWIFT: MHCBJPJTAccount Number (JPY Ordinary Account):290-1318924

We request you to call us directly to reconfirm the payment details before making the remittance.

Warning: Please do not ever remit money to any account different from the above.We are not responsible for any remittance that has not been confirmed in our account described above.

*Please contact us in case you wish to pay by Letter of Credit.

I/4.Currency of Payment: We accept Japanese Yen payment primarily. Please advise us beforehands in case you need to transfer USD. Please note that any USD remittance which is sent to our yen account will be automatically be converted to Japanese Yen at the actual Japanese Bank TTB rates so please make sure to send it to our USD account once we approved it. In case the received amount becomes insufficient due to currency rate fluctuation,buyers need to settle the full amount before our acknowkledgement of full payment receipt and shipment.

I/5.Japanese consumption tax for any vehicle that is not exported by us SIMPLEX as the Shipper we need to charge the prevailing Japanese consumption tax rate (currently 8% of the purchase amount). This applies to vehicles delivered out from our Forwarder`s bonded yard. In such a case please contact us early enough.

II.Placing Bids and Orders. Your bids will be accepted upon our confirmation of the deposit arrival. Full payment needs to be received before shipping out your purchased units.

III.Cancellation Policy

-Vehicle price up to USD 5000 cancellation fee: USD 1000

-Vehicle price over USD 5000 cancellation fee: 20% of the purchase amount.

Please note that the buyer is responsible to ultimately cover the amount of our total financial loss therefore cancellation charges are not limited to the above rates. In case your bidded or ordered vehicle cannot be purchased we can reimburse your deposit amount at your request. In case the bidded or ordered direct sales vehicle becomes unavailable for sale the deposit amount is our maximum refund obligation with incurred incidental costs (if any) deduced.

IV. Storage FeesFor all purchase vehicles

*Passenger Cars : JPY 450 per day per 1 unit

*Trucks up to 2 ton or buses up to 29 seats: JPY 1000 per day per 1 unit

*Trucks over 5 ton and buses with 30 seats or over : JPY 2000 per day per 1 unit.

(Please check with us Construction Equipment storage rates.)

For purchases paid by deadline we offer 30 days free storage period starting from the date of purchase. Please note that No Free storage period is offered in case you decide to use a different company from us for export transportation or inland delivery. If you request another company in Japan to provide inland delivery the pickup point will be bonded yard of our forwarding agent.

V.Shipping We do export to most parts of the world .We recommend you to check with us or your local forwarder the availability of Roro or Container vessels before bidding or purchasing. All vehicles to be exported from Japan have to go through the Export De-registration process so all buyers are advised to check with us the expectable procedure time before arranging their shipment schedule. As all units are bidded or ordered on Ex-Yard our forwarder`s yard bases the failure to export due to unavailability of shipping vessels does not exempt the buyer from his full payment obligation.

VI.Vehicle Quality ,Claims and Damages: All vehicles are primarily sold on As is Where is condition with our forwarder`s yard as being the point of delivery. Customers need to check their chosen vehicle`s inspection sheet online by themselves. As these sheets are written in Japanese we can of course give assistance to understand it at your request. However ,we are not responsible for any mismatch between the auction inspection sheet and the actual condition of the car at the time of delivery irrespective of the auction grade (4,3,3.5,R,RA etc) or the mileage of the bidded vehicle. Although we are using container vanning companies with highly proven skills in Japan, damages do occur sometimes during the export process. We forward your damage claims to our vanning contractors who may accept your damage claims and may compensate you through us for your damages. Damages are only paid to the buyer after we receive payment from the vanning contractor company. Damage claims can be made under the following conditions:

*the number of containerised average sized passenger cars does not exceed four. This number does not apply if larger than aveage size cars are containerized.

*the damage report is filed wihin 2 days of receiving it at the terminal of the export destination with detailed photos.

*the extent of the damage exceeds USD 300 in terms of repair costs Please note that damage claims are not entertained for vehicles shipped by Roro vessel.


All vehicles are inspected in Japan for radiation before entry to the bondedarea and issued Radiation Free Certificate before shipping. Only vehicles with a radiation level not exceeding 0.3 mSv/hour will be shipped. In the very rare case when excessive radiation is found and the vehicle is denied entry to the port we forward your claim to the auction company. In this case we accept cancellation only after receiving cancellation acceptance from the auction company.

VIII.Washing & Inspection

Certain export destinations may require special washing, pre-shipmentinspection or modification for your vehicles. The responsibility of checking the needed pre-shipment inspections ,special packing requirements or exportable vehicle features( year,mileage,condition,specification etc) for the buyer`s given import location before purchasing the unit rests with the buyer. Charges for such required services aswell as for any repair needed to complete export process will be invoiced to the buyer. At your request we can provide inspection reports issued by the major accepted pre-shimpent inspection companies in Japan. We can also assist you with such information if needed.

IX.It is the buyer`s responsibility to ensure that the the purchased vehicles do not fall under any export control regulation from Japan and are not going to be used for illegal activities or for weapons of mass destruction.

X. Dispute Resolution

All disputes will be solved by the Yokohama District Court,Japan based on INCOTERMS 2011 by the ICC (published by the International Chamber of Commerce on January 1st,2011)